Special WIE(Women in Engineering) Track:
WIE Contributions in Next Generation Computing

The special track on WIE Contributions in Next Generation Computing provides a platform for researchers, academicians, scientists and engineers across the world to share their novel ideas or research findings in the domain related to leading-edge technologies of the next generation. This special track particularly intends to cover paradigms, tools, techniques and technologies responsible for the development of more complex and intelligent systems to solve a myriad of problems ranging from integrating artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, data, text, graph, and web mining etc. We hope this special track catalyses a fair deal of research and innovation for the prosperity of society.


  1. Track 1: Power & Instrumentation

    Machines and Renewable Energy , Power Electronics and Control Engineering, Power & Energy Systems, Renewable Energy Sources and Technology, Smart Grid, Micro Grids & Distributed Generation, Biomedical Engineering , Robotics ,Control ,Instrumentation and Automation, Intelligent systems, High voltage engineering and insulation technology, Artificial and Machine learning studies forRenewable Energy Systems, Energy Management,

  2. Track 2: Electronics & Communication

    RF Circuits, Systems and Antennas, Signal & Image Processing, Devices, Circuits, Materials and Processing, Emerging Technologies, Circuits and systems, Communication Technologies, Nanotechnology, Quantum Computing

  3. Track 3: Recent Trends in Computer Science

    Data Stream Mining and Analysis, Sensor Technology, Natural Language Processing, Optimization Techniques, Nature Inspired Techniques, Social Network Analysis, Cloud Computing, Evolutionary Algorithms and its Applications, Deep Learning and its Applications , Big Data Analytics , Feature Learning and Feature Engineering, Machine Learning Algorithms , Multimedia Data Mining, Data, Text and Graph mining, Social Media Mining, Collaborative Filtering, Crowd Sourcing

  4. Track 4: Women Empowerment in Technology

    Women Empowerment, Women in Entrepreneurship, Women in STEM, Gender Disparity, Women and sustainable development Goals, women at work: pay equity, environment , flexibility and engagement, Women Leadership developments


  1. Ms. Manpreet Kaur, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Technology, ManavRachna University,Faridabad(INDIA).
    Email: manpreet.kathuria@gmail.com, manpreet@mru.edu.in
  2. Dr. Sapna Gambhir, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Engineering, JC Bose University of Science & Technology, YMCA, Faridabad (India).
    Email: sapnagambhir@gmail.com
  3. Dr. Rashmi Agarwal, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, JC Bose University of Science & Technology, YMCA, Faridabad (India)
    Email: rashmiagarwal404@gmail.com


  1. Dr. Takako Hashimoto, IEEE R10 Secretary, Tokyo Section
  2. Prof. Celia Shahnaz, IEEE Bangladesh Section
  3. Prof. Ramalata, IEEE Madras Section
  4. Prof. Preeti Bajaj, IEEE India Council 2020
  5. Dr. Rajashree Jain, IEEE Pune Section
  6. Prof. Prerna Gaur, Chair, IEEE Delhi Section
  7. Prof. Rachana Garg, Executive Vice Chair, IEEE Delhi Section
  8. Prof. Neeta Pandey, DTU,Delhi
  9. Prof. Mridula Gupta, DU, Delhi
  10. Prof. G. Bhuvaneswari, IIT Delhi
  11. Prof. Jasdeep Kaur Dhanoa, IGDTUW, Delhi
  12. Dr. Parul Garg, NSIT, Delhi
  13. Dr. Sneha Kabra, DU, Delhi
  14. Dr. Tarini Bansal, CEE, /COFMOW, Ministry of Railways
  15. Prof. Alka Singh, DTU,Delhi
  16. Dr. Jyoti Jain, MSIT, Delhi
  17. Prof. Shabana Urooj, GBU, Noida
  18. Dr. Saakshi Dhanekar, IIT, Delhi
  19. Dr. Farheen Fauziya, IIT Delhi, IEEE OES WIE Liaison
  20. Prof. Monika Aggarwal, IIT Delhi
  21. Dr. Priya Mahajan, DTU, Delhi

SUBMISSION Guidelines:

  1. Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit papers for this special track on "WIE Contributions in Next Generation Computing" on or before 15TH MAY,2020.All submissions must be original and may not be under review by another publication.
  2. Authors have to submit the paper on the EDAS portal under the special track selection for WIE.
  3. Important: At least, one female author is a mandatory condition for paper submission in this special track.